Justice Clearinghouse Membership

Justice Clearinghouse Membership through OACA

OACA has partnered with Justice Clearinghouse to provide OACA members with access to over 1,300 online courses for a reduced rate of $35 per year.  Over 100 of the Justice Clearinghouse (JCH) courses have been identified as being eligible for OACA Education Credit.  There are likely more courses that would be eligible, we just have not been able to evaluate all 1,300.


Complete the information below to purchase your JCH membership through OACA.  Your account will be activated within a week of your purchase (it is not instantaneous, as OACA has to coordinate with JCH).  

Every JCH membership can only be assigned to one OACA member.  JCH access cannot be shared among several members.

Please click on the link to register and pay for the JCH Membership.

If you have any questions, please reach out to OACA Education VP Jillian Viles (jviles@hermiston.gov).