The OACA Swag Store is live!  
Please note all items are a pre-order and will not be received until early August.  
The pre-order window will close on Friday, July 12th, 2024 at 5pm.

OACA Swag Store 


1. Can I just buy items at the next OACA conference? OACA does not have the capacity to store and maintain inventory.  At this time OACA only plans to offer small items at conferences (lanyards, pens, etc) and there will be a very limited quantity available.

2. Can I order now and just pick it up at the next OACA conference, I don't want to pay for shipping?  Because OACA does not have the capacity to store and transport inventory, order pick up will not be available at conferences.

3. I see pick-up is available at the Hermiston City Hall, is this correct?  Yes, the OACA Officer coordinating the OACA Swag effort is based in Hermiston.  If you are near Hermiston and want to pick up your items there, you are welcome to choose that option at checkout.

4. Is there a shipping discount if I reach a certain dollar amount of items? No. OACA chose to keep the item costs low and just add on a separate shipping fee based on the weight of the items ordered (this fee also includes the cost of materials for shipping).  OACA is offering Swag as a courtesy to members, not to make money off of it.

5. Why is this a pre-order and why will it take so long to get my items? OACA is opening up a pre-order window for all items so that inventory isn't having to be stored.  Once the pre-window closes, we will be working with our vendors to process your items.  OACA Board Members will then be shipping out your items to you.  There isn't a fancy company running this behind the scenes, it's your OACA Board doing this on top of their full-time jobs and other OACA duties.

6. If I order apparel and it doesn't fit, can I return or exchange it? Unfortunately, no.  We could coordinate a swap/buy via email and let other OACA members have apparel that didn't fit you. Someone might be willing to buy it from you.

7. Will another pre-order window open later this year, I'm unable to order things right now? Yes! Depending on how this one goes, we may open another one late summer and then one after Fall Conference.  If the pre-order window is closed, but you are interested in ordering please email Jillian (jviles@hermiston.gov) and let her know!

8. I have questions about the embroidered apparel option? That is completely understandable! Email Jillian at jviles@hermiston.gov and she would be happy to answer your questions.